Tennis Elbow 

Despite its name, tennis elbow is not just caused through playing tennis. 
This is a condition where pain is experienced on the outer side aspect of the elbow. This is where the common extensor tendon (a shared tendon for several muscles in the forearm which move your wrist/fingers backwards) originates from a bony prominence on the outer side of the elbow called the lateral epicondyle. 
It is an overuse injury which can be caused through repetitive activities such as typing, manual work, playing an instrument, DIY, too much gardening or sporting activities. 
Overuse of this tendon can cause tendinosis (degenerative changes within the tendon). 
It can make everyday tasks painful, such as gripping, lifting a kettle, heavy pan or turning a door handle. 
Treatment for tennis elbow may include massage and acupuncture but modifying the activites that led to your tennis elbow are essential along with performing the correct rehabiliative exercises.  
If you believe that you have tennis elbow and would like to start the process of resolving it then please click on the link below or at the top of the page.  
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