- Patients wishing to book an appointment must first go through a triage process with a member of staff and complete our online pre-treatment screening questionnaire at https://www.dedhamosteopathy.co.uk/procedures-regarding-covid-19/pre-screening-triage-questionnaire/ 
- Patients are required to read through our new Practice Procedures prior to arrival at https://www.dedhamosteopathy.co.uk/procedures-regarding-covid-19/practice-procedures-infection-control-and-ppe-%E2%80%93-june-2020/ 
- Patients will receive a courtesy reminder the day before their appointment. Any adjustment to their appointment once the reminder has been received will be subject to our cancellation policy. 
- We accept card payments or cash at your appointment. We can also send you our BACS details if you would like to pay in advance. 
Cancellation policy 
- Dedham Osteopathy operates a 24 hour Late Notice Policy on behalf of our practitioners. 
- Patients will be charged in full for a treatment where they do not attend. 
- Cancellations given within less than 24 hours of the appointment time will be charged in full.  
- On occasion we may need to cancel a session for reasons of sickness or other emergencies. If this is the case our commitment to patients is to advise them with as much notice as possible and with the aim of offering you the next earliest appointment available. No charge will be made to you for any cancellation on our part. 
COVID 19 cancellation policy: 
- If a patient has paid in advance for their appointment, they have the right to a full refund if Dedham Osteopathy is advised to close the practice and cancel their appointments due to a local government lockdown and Dedham Osteopathy cannot carry out face-to-face appointments that have been prepaid. Online appointments will be made available to patients instead and each patient will be given the option to this or a refund of any payment made in advance. 
- If patients have to self-isolate due to a track and trace notice, presenting symptoms of COVID-19 or coming within direct contact with someone with a positive test we ask patients to give as much notice to Dedham Osteopathy. However, if any of these scenarios happen within 24 hours of the patient’s appointment, the patient has the right to reclaim the full amount of their prepaid appointment (where relevant) or to transfer over to a re-arranged appointment after the 14-day quarantine period. This is out of fairness to the patient and to aid with the fight to control the spread of the virus. 
- Any late sickness notice, not related to COVID 19, within 24 hours of the patient’s appointment will be subject to our 24-hour notice cancellation policy above. 
Our commitment to you 
- All practitioners are registered with their respective governing bodies and carry their own professional and personal indemnity insurance. Your treatment will be given in line with current recommendations and best practice. 
- Your initial assessment will contain a full case history and examination. Your practitioner will then discuss with you their diagnosis and their proposed treatment plan. If your practitioner believes that further investigation is required, they will discuss this with you. On your agreement and if no further investigation is required before having treatment, treatment will commence (time permitting). 
- Your treatment is completely confidential, and records will be kept subject to the Data Protection Act 2018. Full details of our GPDR policy are available on request. 
Your obligations 
- All practitioners have the right to be treated courteously and with respect. They must not be placed in a position where they are threatened or coerced in any way. In the event that they are mistreated, the practitioner will end your session immediately and if appropriate the authorities may be informed. 
- If you are provided with a home exercise program or self-treatment schedule to carry out between sessions, then it is your responsibility to perform them. If you do not you must be aware that your recovery period may be unnecessarily extended as a result. 
- Patients will be asked to consent to each individual treatment session. Any questions or queries relating to your treatment will happily be answered by your practitioner at any time during the treatment process. 
- We want all patients to feel comfortable and safe under our care. It is your right at any time to ask the practitioner to stop/pause the examination/treatment. 
- All patients under the age of 16 must be accompanied throughout their treatment by a parent/guardian. 
- All patients are welcome to bring a chaperone along with them. 
How to make a complaint 
- We strive to give you the best service we can at Dedham Osteopathy, but if you feel dissatisfied with your service, or would like to contribute feedback please contact us in any of the following ways:- 
o If you feel able, please discuss any issue you have with the member of staff you have been dealing with at your earliest possible opportunity. 
o If this is not possible, you can give feedback by email to info@dedhamosteopathy.co.uk or by post to Dedham Osteopathy, Unit 19 Dedham Vale Business Centre, Dedham, Colchester, Essex CO7 6BL. 
We aim to respond to your feedback within 14 days of receipt of the same. 
- If you do not receive what you feel is a sufficient response, please contact: 
The General Osteopathic Council at Osteopathy House, 176 Tower Bridge Rd, Bermondsey, London SE1 3LU 
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