"After my last Osteopath retired I quite by chance, booked in with Luke Jackman and have never had cause to look back (Excuse the pun). An old football injury left me with a problematic lower back.  
Luke has managed to make sure that when I do have a problem I only have to visit him for two (max.three) sessions. I have not had to visit him for over a year.  
Also my wife had a severe shoulder problem that was not responding to treatment from another osteopath so she came with me to visit Luke and only needed 4 sessions to cure the problem and has not had to see him since. 
We would thoroughly recommend Luke to anyone." 
Nick and Bibi Walker 
“Several years ago I was advised by a Consultant to undergo a knee replacement operation. I was loathe to do this, in spite of the pain I was in. I was recommended to see Luke, and I have never looked back. 
After a few visits to Luke he managed to ease the pain I was in through manipulation, acupuncture and massage. Luke gave me a series of exercises to do at home on a daily basis, which I still do, and now, several years later I have not had to undergo an invasive operation on my knee. 
Luke has also treated me successfully for injuries I have sustained in the gym and at sport. 
He gives advice on how to exercise the areas he is treating and, if I am in any doubt about these, he will always advise over the telephone. 
Luke is caring and professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as he is an excellent osteopath.” 
Mrs P. Eaton 
“In 2008 I suffered a double disc herniation, and found that the best I could expect from the NHS was a prescription for pain killers and Diazepam.  
After trudging round various surgeries and hospitals I found Luke Jackman who greeted me by saying “First we are going to find out exactly what is wrong with you, then draw up a plan of treatment and get started with it right away”. Luke’s positive professional approach immediately gave me confidence.  
Weekly visits to Luke together with intensive home exercises started a steady improvement. A serious spinal injury does take time to heal, and with Luke’s guidance and treatment I am now fully recovered, and very grateful. 
I would recommend Luke Jackman without hesitation, as a highly professional and dedicated Practitioner.” 
David W Eaton 
“For the past 30 years I have suffered with lower back pain. In early 2009, however, the pain spread to my buttock and down my leg and quickly became so severe that I could not even walk. 
Over the next year I saw various doctors and physiotherapists, none of whom could correctly diagnose the problem or ease the pain. In early 2010 I had a consultation with Luke Jackman, who very quickly realized what was wrong and started treatment. 
Within two weeks the pain had lessened considerably and two months later I went on a walking holiday in the Lake District, something I feared I would never do again.  
Two years on, following Luke's exercise regime and having "top up" visits to him, my back is the best it has ever been. Luke is a friendly professional who explains everything in terms the layman can understand and gives confidence that all will be well. 
I would strongly recommend Luke to anyone.” 
Mrs Lynn Badcock 
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