The term sciatica is used to describe pain that travels along the path of the sciatic nerve (left or right or both) in the buttock, the rear or side of the thigh/lower leg and into the foot. Lower back pain can also be experienced but it is possible to experience sciatica without having any low back pain. Other symptoms from sciatica can be pins and needles, numbness or weakness and sometimes patients may report a sensation of water running down their leg. 
Each Sciatic nerve is formed from 5 nerve roots (from the lower back and pelvis) and compression/irritation to any of these nerve roots or to the sciatic nerves themselves can cause sciatica. 
Sciatica only describes symptoms but not their cause. A good case history and examination can help determine whether the sciatica is most likely due to a disc bulge or prolapse for example, or from a tight piriformis muscle (a muscle in the buttock) or other. This diagnosis is important as it guides your treatment plan. 
If you think that you have sciatica then you can book an appointment by clicking on the link below or at the top of the page.  
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