Neck Pain 

Neck pain is a common problem that I will see at my practice. It may also be accompanied at times by headaches as well as symptoms in the upper back/arms. Patients often feel that their posture has an influence on their neck pain. Over recent years research has been done which has showed that lots of people are walking around/sitting with ‘Bad posture’ yet aren’t in pain and vice versa. This implied that 'bad posture' and pain couldn't be strongly correlated. However, like with all things, this may be the case with some peope but for others, improving how they sit/stand can help their symptoms.  
I have certainly seen many patients who have benefitted from changing the way they sit/stand to help with their symptoms, but it is important to remember that this is only one factor that could be influencing a bad neck. An underlying shoulder problem such as a rotator cuff tendinopathy or a frozen shoulder can often lead to a painful/stiff neck. Holding tension in the neck or not breaking up long periods of sitting can aggravate the muscles in the neck which in turn can lead to neck pain/stiffness without or without an accompanying headache. 
Just as with any problem, at Dedham Osteopathy, you will be looked at as a whole and will be given a thorough questioning and examination to determine the most likely cause of your symptoms so that treatment and exercise/lifestyle advice can be tailored to you and your needs with the aim of treating the cause not just the symptoms. This in turn should lead to a quicker recovery and reduce the likelihood of symptoms returning in the near future. 
If you would like to arrange an appointment to start the process in getting rid of/improving your neck pain, please click on the link below or at the top of this page.  
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