Lower Back Pain: 

Causes of lower back pain are many and varied but can often be treated effectively with a combination of treatment and appropriate exercise/lifestyle advice. An acute injury from lifting and twisting for example will most likely require a different treatment approach to a longstanding lower back problem. Lower back problems can also affect the pelvis/lower limbs as well as affecting areas higher up in the back or even into the abdomen. 
A thorough questioning (case history) and then examination will help to determine the most likely reason for the lower back pain and to help rule out any red flags (a sign that there could be a more sinister cause to the back pain) and then appropriate treatment and advice can be given. 
Treatment will be tailored to you/your injury to make it as effective as possible and to ensure that the treatment is appropriate for your age/lifestyle/underlying medical conditions etc. 
In addition, you will be given some exercises to perform with the aim of speeding up your recovery from your lower back pain and to address where possible, the cause of your symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms themselves. The aim being to make your back as robust as is possible to help reduce to likelihood (where possible) of a future occurrence.  
If you have had a bad episode of lower back pain you may end up protecting your back by bending with a very rigid spine which can in fact make it more likely that you will have a recurrence of your lower back pain, or it may even stop you from recovering fully.  
Showing you some simple exercises to help you move in a more natural and economical way could make a significant difference in the speed of your recovery and could be the difference betweeen whether you fully recover or not. 
If you have lower back pain that you would like to be helped with then please book an appointment by clicking the link below or at the top of the page.  
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